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Time to Run Promotions

All about the Timing All businesses need to run promotions of some sort, whether it be word-of-mouth, outrageous video advertising or simple flyers you hand out. The age-old question is, when is the best time to do this? Making a Checklist Are you looking to sell to more customers more often, or are you looking for each customer to purchase more items? Are we trying to boost sales during hours normally not as busy? Being in the retail business isn't easy. The competition is fierce, and there is always giants in the industry like Amazon, eBay and more. How do ...
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Happy 1st Day of Expanded Text Ads Only

Expanded Text Ads: Only Today is the first day after the cutoff date of January 31st, 2017, that Google had put in place to stop support for traditional text ads. We had written about this earlier as a friendly reminder to all of our Internet townsfolk to get their ads updated. Important Things to Know Here are some important things to know with this being the first day of the Expanded Text Ads only for Google Adwords. Your Existing Standard Text Ads will continue to show Google will remind you You won't be able to modify Standard Text Ads You ...
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Google AMP and why you should care

Google AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages Google AMP has been popping up for a while over the past year or so, and it's starting to make an impact. AMP is a new way to deliver static content for it to be rendered faster than normal. There are three parts to Google AMP: AMP HTML, AMP JS, and the Google AMP Cache Watch this Video on Google AMP It's just as easy to show you an introductory video on Google AMP from Google for the 10,000 foot overview. Breaking Down the Setup If you want to see this site in action under ...
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Twitter Marketing: The Basics in 2017

The Basics of Twitter Marketing in 2017 It is no secret that Twitter is powerful to deliver and quickly share messages and ideas. Did you know it can also help grow your business? How, you say? Twitter is still the dominate force when it comes to "insta-sharing" of information. Sure with the likes of Facebook and others duplicating the idea of the #hashtag and the @mention, Twitter is still around pushing out over 500 million Tweets every single day, it is another way to communicate with your client base (and potential clients). Learning to Crawl If you haven't used Twitter ...
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Revisiting Google Webmaster Guidelines

Revisiting Google Webmaster Guidelines It's no secret that Google is the dominant search engine out there and has been for well over a decade. Wouldn't it be prudent to listen to what they have to say about constructing your site with the "Do's and Don'ts" of setting up your website for success (as far as the Google Search engine is concerned). Google has a page for Webmaster Guidelines that they have put out for all of our benefit. 10,000 Foot Video Before we go into the specifics, Google as nice enough to lend Michael Wyszomierski from the Search Quality Team ...
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Google SEO Starter Guide(s)

Google SEO Starter Guide(s) Did you know that Google gives out free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guides? No? Well, today is your lucky day because we have a listing for two (2) guides around SEO straight from Google. The differences between the two SEO guides are that one is detailed and the other is a short, compacted, 1-page guide. Both are extremely useful for anyone starting out, or just to use as a reference point for seasoned SEO professionals. The Goods Just in case you are in a hurry to get out of our town (we promise not to bite), ...
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Mobile is Local – Get that Business Listing

Mobile-First Websites Mobile search and local search are completely intertwined. Taking information from the The Mobile Playbook, some 20% of ALL searches have local intent. Here is the breakdown of smartphone users: 94% search for location information 51% visited a store 48% called a store 29% made a purchase Let's Get Hyper(-local) From day to day, Google will continue to better its ability to deliver hyper-local results, but it is especially important to have complete and accurate data in one’s Google My Business profile. The trend is an easy win, as less than half of all businesses have claimed their ...
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Tracking Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Updates: Crystal Ball? The Google Search Algorithm updates several hundred times per year, up to 600, sometimes twice in one day. As a SEO Advertising Agency that has managing client's websites and trying to keep them on the ship known as the Google Search Engine, this is daunting. We can't imagine what businesses that do not have professionals think about this (if at all). Some are led to believe that it's impossible for a small business to compete with the Elite, larger companies on the Internet. Success comes from those companies that pay attention to the updates, mainly ...
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Looking for Google Shopping for Success in 2017?

4 Resolutions for Shopping Advertising Strategies The Google Shopping Advertising Network is great for online business, with lots of products, and are not Amazon.com. These businesses are always trying to find every nook and cranny to promote their products on the Internet, and it generally takes a lot of work. They are trying to get their products in front of shoppers online, especially when they are looking to buy, then hoping they click on their link, view the product and eventually buy. All about the Integration(s) Google Shopping has integrations ready to go to make setup for your eCommerce website ...
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New Ad Extensions Scheduling from Bing Ads

Bing Ads Releases Ad Extension Scheduling You are now in control of your extensions and their timed delivery with Bing Ads. According to their blog post (referenced below), you can now control when your extensions are delivered for the time that's most ideal for your business, reducing wasted clicks. What is interesting about this feature is that you can virtually have your Ad extensions change throughout the day depending on your demographic traffic. Of course, you could go "overboard" with this feature, but if you have the data to warrant many scheduled Ad extensions to be scheduled, more power to ...
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