Being creative with promoting your business

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Being Creative and Getting Noticed

In December, our Town had engaged in a “office door decoration” contest to see who could be the most creative and get voted for the best holiday door in the building. We quickly thought that we did not want to just get something off of Instagram, and duplicate it. PPC Town Christmas Door CompetitionNo, we could get an idea perhaps to steer us in a direction, but our implementation will be completely original. What you can see here is what we ended up with: Santa taking a shower (and we had setup a mock bathroom in the walk way).

What you are looking at is something no one else in the building dared to do: be different.

The building manager had said that most of the people, whether other businesses in the building or visitors, had commented on our holiday display. Most thought it was creative, and very funny. We had a few people talk to us directly saying that they wished they had come up with that kind of display.

What was the Result?

3rd Place - At least it wasn't 4th.PPC Town, despite our gallant efforts, ended up getting 3rd in the competition, but we couldn’t please everyone. What we did accomplish was drawing attention to our business, not only for other businesses in the building, but also all the “street traffic” that walks through the door.

We are an edgy company full of graphic artists, web designers and engineers, and wanted to see if we could stand out. Mission accomplished. Starting with the simple task of joining in a community event, like holiday door decorating, has made everyone that comes through the door take notice.

After the Holiday

Christmas Lights - ya, we totally rocked some on our office doors.While Santa and his setup did come down, we did leave up our lights. Why? How many other office doors have lights in the building? Everyone that visits sees our logo and our lights. That is our real life “call to action” for one of the doors to our office. We even have a “loose” plan of updating the light colors throughout the year to go with whatever the holiday is around that time.

We’re a fun company and this helps encourage other businesses to stop by and visit us. Our point of this exercise was to engage our direct community with a self-promotion that we didn’t have to hard sell or handout. Everyone in our building knows that PPC Town is the “fun group” in the building and has allowed us to extend our reach not only to 1st person contacts like that but their contacts as well.

Promoting Online

The main point of this article wasn’t the fact that we competed in an office door decorating contest, but rather that with just a little work and risk, you can reap benefits. Our risk was doing some “edgier” display, and it got noticed.

If you don’t advertise, how will people know? Just because “you are in an office” doesn’t mean that people have a map that leads to your office.

Not all businesses can spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising, and we get that here at PPC Town. We have businesses with low budgets, and some with very high budgets. Guess what? They are all effective for the type and size of businesses in relation to the business itself. If you are looking around for a company that rubs elbows with Google, Bing and Facebook, but is very down to Earth, then just give us a call at (720) 772-8696 or send us a note. We won’t bite (we fired the workers that did).

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