Google’s 5 Mobile Advertising Strategies

5 Mobile Advertising Strategies

If you are reading this from a CRT monitor, you may not know that mobile phone searches, and just mobile phone use in general has skyrocketed every year some time now. It is so important to online advertisers to target their ads to mobile phones first, then desktops and tablets. Google rewards not only the ads that are mobile-specific, but also the websites that essentially are mobile-first developed (if you are not sure that I mean, then you will want to contact us).

Now, the Good Stuff

PPC Town is a Google Partner.We’ve already established that mobile searches make up more than 50% of the searches, and for many of agencies, the majority of the traffic is coming from folks using their mobile phones.

More than half of Google Searches are from mobile phones

Customers, clients, random people, etc. are not just searching with their phones. Mobile ads can drive calls, app downloads, mobile site visits and more. From creating a mobile website, to counting clicks-to-call, these resources can help you capture customers on the go.

  1. Start with a mobile friendly website

    First, you’ll want to have a mobile friendly website. Take a mobile speed test for your website, and review responsive design tips for your specific business goals.
    Create an effective mobile site | Test your site

  2. Create your mobile ads

    You might be wondering, how do I write a ‘mobile’ ad? For mobile ads, you’ll have a choice between several different types of ads. The most common type are text ads that are optimized to appear on mobile devices, but there are many more.
    About mobile ads | Tailor ads for mobile searches

  3. Set up targeting for mobile

    To make sure your mobile campaigns and ads are showing to people on mobile devices, add mobile-specific targeting. For the Search Network, look for keywords that drove engagement from people on mobile devices.
    Find your mobile-first keywords | Showing ads in mobile apps

  4. Bid higher for mobile devices

    To automatically bid higher for impressions on mobile devices, set up mobile bid adjustments. That way your ads are more likely to appear on mobile devices.
    Bid like a pro: mobile bid adjustments | Set a mobile bid adjustment

  5. Make the most of micro-moments

    Once you’ve been running your campaign for a bit, you might want to know how to improve your performance. These resources can help you focus your business goals and optimize your campaigns.
    An introduction to micro-moments | Create effective mobile ads: Google Best Practices

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(Google reference support page can be found here)

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