Looking for Google Shopping for Success in 2017?

4 Resolutions for Shopping Advertising Strategies

The Google Shopping Advertising Network is great for online business, with lots of products, and are not Amazon.com. These businesses are always trying to find every nook and cranny to promote their products on the Internet, and it generally takes a lot of work. They are trying to get their products in front of shoppers online, especially when they are looking to buy, then hoping they click on their link, view the product and eventually buy.

All about the Integration(s)

Google Shopping has integrations ready to go to make setup for your eCommerce website faster than ever with these eCommerce platforms.
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In 2016, Google announced new partnerships with the three major platforms (above) – BigCommerce, PrestaShop, and Magento. This was an effort to lower the threshold for getting started with the Google Shopping Network. If your business is using one of these platforms, or going to be transitioning to one of them, then the partnership between the platforms and Google Shopping will let you easily (and automatically) submit the product information to Google Shopping.

Quickly reach millions of new customers.

Having these platform integrations allows a quick way to promote your products to get in front of customers when they are doing their searches on the Internet. If you are curious about how Google Shopping integrates with these eCommerce platforms, visit the Google Shopping Help Center. Alternatively, you can view the different platform’s take on the integrations: BigCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento.

High Quality Data

The better quality the data, the more products you can show on Google. Data feeds are all the rage these days. Google knows that creating and maintaining a complete and compliant data feed can be very challenging when working with Google Shopping. Google has listened and is making feed management easier. They have launched several solutions to help connect your products to new customers. These are available whether you are just getting started or have been running Google Shopping for a while.

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  • Feed Rules help you make product data changes directly in Merchant Center without the hassle, like adding custom labels or transforming attributes into the correct format.
  • Using the Google Sheets Merchant Center add-on and structured data markup on your site, you can automatically populate, update, and submit your product data to Merchant Center, making feed management a breeze.
  • Merchant Center received a brand new look with a comprehensive Diagnostics dashboard that processes more quickly to give you a better snapshot of your product data across Shoppings ads, Dynamic Remarketing, Local Inventory Ads and other programs.
  • We made updates to the Product Data Specification with the goal of helping you understand what product data Google needs to run your Shopping ads, including new structured data markup and GTIN specifications. Merchants who added correct GTINs to their product data saw conversion rates increase up to 20%.

Go for Sales

Create a routine to grow sales, save time and keep up with daily campaign management. Using recent features to Shopping campaigns, you can actually spend less of your time making adjustments to focus on other priorities. Enable product status insight reporting columns and smart bidding strategies in your campaigns today.

Try Smart Bidding: you might like it

Product status insights and disapproval notifications in the products tab are your go-to columns to check on the health of your products. Did you have many out-of-stock items after holiday clearances? Some of those could still be disapproved. See which of your top performing products are no longer selling and how to fix them. Avoid missing out on missed traffic by keeping these top products eligible year-round.

If you want to be successful, you can start by adopting a smart bidding strategy like enhanced CPC (eCPC) to enable the flexibility for Google to adjust bids on individual queries. Just set your max CPC and have eCPC do the rest of the heavy lifting. eCPC adjust bids for individual queries with a high likelihood to convert all while balancing out bids for underperforming products, maximizing possible conversions. When first adopting a bid strategy, we recommend giving two weeks to let algorithms learn about your campaign before it can reach the peak optimization and performance.

Without Borders

Global shopping is the key phrase here. To make shopping more efficient for shoppers and merchants alike, Google Shopping launched a tool in Merchant Center to perform currency conversions in select countries, allowing you to convert the currency in your product data locally.

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For example, a person shopping in the UK can see products sold by a US retailer, listed in British pounds.

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(Google reference support page can be found here)

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