Why Location Targeting Works

A recent survey found that most in-house and marketing agencies utilize location targeting. The results came in and almost all had reported a positive experience.
It’s no surprise location targeting yields better results. Consumers are more likely to engage if ads hint of personalization.
Marketing fundamentals revolve around the consumer and an understanding of your audience is key. With localization comes higher customer engagement, higher response rates, a deeper understanding of needs/interests and ultimately, higher ROI.

Consumers are most likely to travel five to 10 miles to shop. Retailers in particular should be cognizant of radius when determining the proximity of their campaigns. Surprisingly, brand loyalty doesn’t play as big of a factor as one would imagine. Consumers are more inclined to shop at a particular store when other factors were present. No surprise it boils down to the same fundamentals we often times overlook. Price, Promotion, Sales and Placement (convenience of location.)

Want to maximize your campaign efficiency?
Reach people when they are out and create awareness of sales and promotions leading up to events.


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