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We heard you! Your businesses are done via programs, online and offline. You don’t need the heavy lifting website functionality of eCommerce sites. You are looking for great-looking, simple websites that reflect your business, have contact information and forms, and can be found on the search engines like Google and Bing.

Just a Website please.

Real Estate Firms and Realtors agree, PPC Town is great for business!You’re in the business of networking, listing homes, making calls, and don’t want to waste time figuring out how to get a website.

Don’t get stuck with a fly-by-night company!

Many of our competitors do not do more than install some pages and hand over the keys. Then what do you do? You would still need to find someone in the field to do the work even after paying for another service. What about helping you reach your clients?

Relief is Here.

Let PPC Town save you the headache of the entire process, and manage it all for you. From building a great website, we also can help market it for you with online advertising. PPC Town has the know-how and the tools available to market directly to your client. We have put together a very competitive offer (below). We look forward to your call!

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First 10 Realtors to sign up get $50 on their next Facebook Boost Post
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PPC Town Core Services

Website Management by PPC Town

Website Management

Tired of tossing money to the wind with sub-par websites? PPC Town has a team of Google Certified professionals that take care of your websites in conjunction with working with any online ads that you are running to achieve the best ranking possible.
Social Media Management by PPC Town

Social Media Management

Want to reach and connect with your clients in a whole new way? Social Media Marketing is the answer! If you are looking to connect to all of your fans and let them know you appreciate them, then Social Media is exactly what you need from the gurus at PPC Town.
Reputation Management by PPC Town

Reputation Management

Yelp and other review websites are becoming increasingly popular. As you know, these websites can contain negative and positive reviews. If your customer reports a negative experience, then you have an opportunity to change his or her mind! The reason why this is so important is that it shows your store cares, which will appeal to new buyers!
Digital Marketing Management by PPC Town

Digital Marketing

With our Digital Marketing Services you will be able to expand your presence online. Utilizing the right Campaign for your business we will be able to maximize your ROI and keep your marketing efforts profitable.