Pay Per Click Advertising

Do you have a website with the hopes that your customers “just know” how to find you? Are you being effective in reaching your customers online? Get found with purpose by utilizing PPC Advertising!

Just a little…

Did you know that if your business ppc campaign spent $3,000 per month for a budget, that equates to $100 per day (30 day month) which in turn means that you are willing to spend an average of $4.17 per hour for online advertisement.

Many attractive keyword phrases cost upwards of $8 – $15 per click, and would be unavailable to budgets so little. PPC Town has variations that can be put in place so our clients get the best value out of their budgets no matter how big or small.

Be a Resource

Lead Generation from potential customers by using business ppc marketing services and clicking on your ads is not the easiest task to accomplish when your business is in direct competition with other business ads. There are several factors that can entice customers to click on your ad versus others whether it’s verbiage, placement or additional information provided like sublinks. When we work with your website and you have a business ppc package with PPC Town, you get the best of both worlds.

PPC can also help raise organic searches since there is more visibility on a search page. High quality advertising for lower cost and better click through rates (CTR).

Generate Leads

PPC Town will make your website a lead generating machine. Stop paying thousands of dollars a month for leads that you are sharing with your competition. Your website leads are exclusive and generate the most profit. Your Internet Managers do not have to give away any more products! When you buy a lead from a 3rd party source, the customer is getting offers from everyone! Best price wins. Stop losing money selling your products.

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