Don’t Settle

PPC Town has seen businesses come through our town, telling stories of where they thought they were “doing enough” for their business website only to be left in the dust by the competition. Also, stories were shared of businesses using large, big-name companies to do handle their online presence only to be left holding an “ok” website, and a large bill to go with it.

Digital Marketing This Century

Online Advertising these days is just not the same as it used to be. There used to be a time when anyone could take money and throw it at an Online Advertiser, like Google, and the Ad would show up. Technology has advanced so much in this space that you literally have to be a certified trained professional to manage these large advertising budgets.

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Word on the (Internet)

Pay-Per-Click Management is very intensive these days, especially when you have competitors that are using your brand and/or business name to market themselves. This is a well known practice used in the advertising industry, so if you are not advertising, you may be missing out on qualified leads for your business. Online advertising is a great service when coupled with Web Management to get the most out of your online business.

Email Not Dead

Email Marketing Services is a great value add for the Online Advertising as a whole. Pay-Per-Click and organic searches are just that, searches. Direct Email Campaigns take your message straight into the customer’s inbox. It is a cost effective way to get your message to many people at once for your business.

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PPC Town Core Services

Website Management by PPC Town

Website Management

Tired of tossing money to the wind with sub-par websites? PPC Town has a team of Google Certified professionals that take care of your websites in conjunction with working with any online ads that you are running to achieve the best ranking possible.
Social Media Management by PPC Town

Social Media Management

Want to reach and connect with your clients in a whole new way? Social Media Marketing is the answer! If you are looking to connect to all of your fans and let them know you appreciate them, then Social Media is exactly what you need from the gurus at PPC Town.
Reputation Management by PPC Town

Reputation Management

Yelp and other review websites are becoming increasingly popular. As you know, these websites can contain negative and positive reviews. If your customer reports a negative experience, then you have an opportunity to change his or her mind! The reason why this is so important is that it shows your store cares, which will appeal to new buyers!
Digital Marketing Management by PPC Town

Digital Marketing

With our Digital Marketing Services you will be able to expand your presence online. Utilizing the right Campaign for your business we will be able to maximize your ROI and keep your marketing efforts profitable.

Digital Marketing Services

Email Campaigns by PPC Town

Email Campaigns

Starting from scratch, and interviewing you on your target audience and message you want to deliver, our PPC Town professionals will create all the graphics, gather the geographic locations, and deliver the email message to your target audience.

Website Online Advertising Pay-Per-Click (PPC) by PPC Town

Online Advertising Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click campaigns created by the team of PPC Town professionals is highly ranked in the Google Partners arena and holds an above-average grade than the average Google Partner. If you are looking to stretch your advertising dollars online, then you’ve found PPC Town.

Website Online Advertising Reports by PPC Town

Online Advertising Reports

PPC Town generates reports following an active month of online advertising for a website. The report is a short, but concise report that breaks down what is most important to the customer, which is not a one-size-fits-all report. Our reports are truly catered to our clients.

Boost Posts by PPC Town

Boost Posts

Take your message straight to where your customers are spending time on the Internet, like on Facebook. PPC Town’s professionals can create Boost Posts for advertising within Facebook, for a set period, to further drum up business on this social media platform.